Medical marketing mishaps are errors or mistakes made in the process of promoting healthcare, services, or organizations.

These mishaps can have negative consequences and may damage a practice brand’s reputation which may lead to…

…legal issues, loss of patient volume/trust, or result in ethical concerns.

Full Circle PR can help your practice avoid making these marketing mishaps:

Preventing Off-target Messaging: Make sure your marketing materials build brand loyalty. We provide tailored marketing to your specific field of #healthcare.

Avoiding Negative First Impressions: Front desk staff should be friendly and helpful; they are your patients first impression and should enhance the overall patient experience.

Unprofessionalism: Off-putting jokes and any political talk should be avoided. Conversation should stay friendly and neutral.

Not Claiming Your Google My BusinessPage (GMB): In the digital world, we should be updating our website. We should be updating information regularly and accurately, updating photos, and responding to questions.

It is crucial for healthcare organizations to prioritize ethical practices, compliance, and transparency in their marketing efforts to build trust and credibility with patients.

Regular review and monitoring of marketing campaigns can help identify and rectify potential mishaps before they escalate. That is where Full Circle PR can help!

These are just a few tips to avoid.