Roughly 7-11% of your gross revenue should be budgeted for marketing.

It’s always best to review your data and potential new targets internally with your staff and create a plan.

This should include marketing, public relations, SEO, Google Ads, community relations, printing, promotional items, sponsorships and other miscellaneous marketing costs.

Assess how you have budgeted your marketing dollars in the past and identify what has worked and what hasn’t.

The execution of your plan is where the rubber meets the road. Determine who will be responsible for the execution and fieldwork of your new plan. Simply adding more responsibility on top of your employees’ other tasks is not likely to elicit maximum results.

You may find that it is necessary to hire a physician liaison, a marketing firm, or create a marketing team to ensure the optimal return on your marketing dollars. While the action steps will be unique to each plan, the key is action! The best formed plan is useless without execution.