In today’s fast-paced business world, data is the driving force behind informed decisions and successful strategies.

And at the heart of data-driven excellence lies the magic of tracking numbers!

An effective marketing plan must remain flexible and be monitored constantly. Knowing your numbers and using them to modify your marketing efforts brings you full circle through the cycle that will continue to feed and fuel your marketing efforts.

Use your patient intake form to continue to track where your new patients are coming from. As you gather this data, begin to compare and analyze growth (or lack thereof) from different referral sources to determine what is working and where you need to tweak your marketing efforts. Tracking all potential referral sources can include:

New Patients:

  • General Practitioners, Specialists, Urgent Care Centers, Hospitals
  • Internet: Google, Facebook, Nextdoor
  • Insurance Directories
  • Health Fairs or Community Events
  • Seminars or Speaking Events
  • Advertising Campaigns – tv, radio, direct mail, newspaper, billboard, etc.
  • Be diligent in tracking all referral sources and keeping the cycle moving to maximize your marketing efforts!