Marketing works. Just ask any company who creates a campaign to push their products with the goal of gaining sales. Medical practices work the same way, except swap out ‘products’ for services and ‘sales’ for patients. These practices exist to provide healthcare to the community and marketing allows them to do just that.

During a time where very little seems transparent and facts change hourly, honest marketing is exactly what medical practices need to get back on their feet. Although most are deemed “essential” businesses, many offices were forced to close doors temporarily and/or offer limited availability. If you, as a group practice or solo physician, did not have the resources to market correctly, your patients are in the dark about your current status.

Now is the time to let patients know where you stand, when you are opening your doors and if you have any type of alternative visits in place – such as telemedicine. Below are a few ways to reach out to patients and potential referring offices.

  • Social Media
    More people than ever are scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Take this opportunity to create practice accounts if you don’t already have them and get familiar with each platform. Be sure to post about changes your office has made to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

  • Email Blasts
    Like social media, people are looking at their email inboxes. And you most likely have a list of all your patients’ email addresses. Use this to your advantage and send out email blasts with the same information you are sharing on social media.

  • Website
    Your website is one of your greatest tools. Work with your website management company to update patients with the latest information about your practice. Keep the updates simple, yet eye-catching.

  • Google
    Do you have a Google My Business listing for your practice? If not, create one now! There’s a reason the term “Googling” or “Google it” is used so frequently. Google is how the general public searches for information and uses it based on the results. Make sure your business hours, address and phone number are updated. Also check that the page is linked to your website. This a great place to add that you are offering virtual visits as well.

  • Referring Offices
    The above platforms do a great job of getting information out to patients, but don’t neglect potential referring offices. Create a list of your referring and potential referring offices’ fax numbers and send a fax blast. You can also hire a physician liaison to make dedicated visits to these offices on behalf of your practice.

You’re in one of three places right now. You have either accomplished all the steps above, tackled a few of them or haven’t started just yet. If you have completed them, great! If not, it’s not too late!

Contact us about creating a customized marketing plan for you. We are now offering payment plans to ensure your patients and referring offices receive updates, fast.

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