Family Visits Offer Chance to Gather Health History

Story By: Cathy Payne, USA TODAY | 8:33p.m. EST December 25, 2012

 At year-end gatherings, relatives should think about passing along more than just the turkey and fixings at the dinner table. They can share information that can improve and even save lives.

The get-togethers offer an opportunity to gather family health history that can help doctors personalize medical care. For instance, you can ask a relative whether there is a history of diabetes or heart disease in the family. You also can find out if there is a relative to whom you can circle back at a later time for more information.

“It’s a perfect time that we not only visit with our families, but also learn about our family health history,” Surgeon General Regina Benjamin says. READ MORE AT USA TODAY

WellSpring Oncology’s Bucks for Butts Featured on Channel 10

WellSpring Oncology’s November Lung Cancer Awareness month efforts were featured on WTSP Channel 10 News. Reporter Allison Kropff discusses Bucks for Butts, the contest that awards smokers who decide to quit.

Watch the story:

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CyberKnife Centers of Tampa Bay featured on Good Enough Mother Blog

Survivor Stories: Patsy Evans

How did you first find out you had cancer?

When you hear stage four, you automatically think it’s a death sentence. My mother lost her battle with breast cancer in 2003, so I was terrified when I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself in 2008.
How did you react when you heard the news?

I couldn’t face that I might not be here for my sons or my husband. I couldn’t even tell my sons, I left that up to my husband. But I knew I had to fight for my life.
What course of treatment were you prescribed?

At first, I had a double mastectomy and that’s when they found the cancer had spread to my liver. I was on chemotherapy for several months to shrink the tumor in my breast, but it was only keeping the one on my liver from growing. When it came time to treat the metastatic cancer, I really had limited options. Chemotherapy was something I wanted to avoid again. It makes you so tired, you can’t even describe it. I only briefly considered a liver re-sectioning surgery to cut out the affected tissue, but the procedure is very invasive and I began looking for other options.

I found CyberKnife Centers of Tampa Bay by doing research online. The technology targets the tumor but protects the surrounding healthy tissue from radiation. The best part was I could get treated in just three sessions with little to no side effects. It was really the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my cancer treatment. I opted for this treatment for my liver, and again when the cancer appeared on my spine.
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Pain Relief Centers featured on Paramus Post

A Dangerous Trick or Treat

By Mel Fabrikant
Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 02:37 PM EDT

With Halloween knocking on our door – it’s a good time to ask, is your medicine wearing a candy costume? Pain Relief Centers in Pinellas Park, Florida wants warn parents of the potential dangers in their own home. Windex can be mistaken as a sports drink, or SweeTarts for Tums, or a M&M for a cold medicine.

In a recent study presented to the American Academy of Pediatrics, two young scientists found only 71 percent of students could tell the difference between candy and over-the-counter medicine. We’ve attached a photo so you can take the test yourself – can you spot what’s candy and what’s medicine?

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Dr. Srini Iyengar on Daytime TV: Natural Disasters and Your Health

Picture this: natural disaster strikes — and you are hurt, or have to flee your home. Do you have the medication you need? And do you have the health records your doctor needs to make treatment decisions — handy at a moment’s notice? Bradenton Cardiology Center and Daytime’s resident doctor Srini Iyengar tells us what steps we can take now to prepare for a natural disaster.

Daytime Dr. Srinivas Iyengar: Busting Botox Myths

With so many of us trying to turn back the clock on our skin and all of the marketing hype around skin care products it’s hard to tell real results from marketing myths. Bradenton Cardiology Center and Daytime’s resident doctor, Srini Iyengar, is here to tell us what works and what doesn’t.

WellSpring Oncology Patient Featured on Bay News 9

WellSpring Oncology breast cancer patient Nong Thornton tells her story on Bay News 9 in hopes of getting other women to get screened for breast cancer.

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Tired of Being Tired? Bradenton Cardiology Center Cardiologist on Daytime TV

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are always tired? If you’re like most people you probably assume that your fatigue is the result of a hectic lifestyle, but what if is the sign of a serious health problem? Recently Bradenton Cardiology Center’s own Dr. Srini Iyengar was on Daytime television to discusses common causes of fatigue and how feeling tired may be the sign of a more serious health issue.

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